Joel Rosenberg’s Latest Book, “Enemies and Allies” Releases Today

Hi all! These days, “prophecy experts” are a dime a dozen, and the internet and book retailers are replete with many off-target books, articles, videos and commentary. Weeding out false teachers and sensationalists from sound, Biblically accurate writers can be a challenge. Beyond that, few have the “connections” to fully understand what goes on in the world beyond the spin that mainstream media provides. In short, I trust and follow only a select few.

Two of the most well-connected and Biblically sound prophecy experts have recently written books with pages ripped from today’s headlines. One is Amir Tsarfati, whose first action-thriller, Operation Joktan, releases November 16, 2021, and features a Mossad agent on mission to stop radicals from destroying Israel and her allies.

The other is Joel Rosenberg, known primarily for Middle East action-thrillers, but who turned his efforts to a non-fiction volume called Enemies and Allies. Over the past several years, God has opened unimaginable doors for Rosenberg to interview major world leaders in the Middle East, Israel and the US. As an “insider” to those involved in the groundbreaking Abraham Accords, the first peace agreements between Israel and Arab countries in over a quarter century, Rosenberg shares exclusive interviews, providing insight into those leaders’ thoughts as they moved toward peace.

Enemies and Allies releases today.

Both authors have incredibly unique positions in life that enable them to be specifically qualified as experts. Rosenberg is a duel American-Israeli citizen, living in Israel, and very well connected politically. In addition, as a well-known and well-respected evangelical, Rosenberg has been invited to the White House and palaces all over the world to speak personally with world leaders, CIA and Mossad directors, and high-ranking military personnel. His access is unparalleled in the Christian journalism world.

Amir Tsarfati, on the other hand, served in the IDF as a Messianic Jew, and sat at the negotiation table with Yassar Arafat during the season of time when Jericho was handed over to the Palestinians. He still retains a security clearance that allows him to receive critical information on the world stage. His ability to understand and articulate current events in view of Bible prophecy from a Jewish, Biblical perspective is unmatched.

Though the two have differing opinions at times regarding the handling of foreign affairs and strategy, both are sound Biblically. I recommend them and their writings. You will not be disappointed…nor will you be led astray!

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