What Makes the Taliban Such a Threat to Christians?

As we continue to hear of the atrocities taking place in Afghanistan, and the continued pleas for prayer, it is important to understand why the fear among Christians (and other “religious groups”) is so overwhelming.

To begin to understand, one must have a sense of the tribal nature of the Middle East. Borders don’t particularly mean much in that region, but religion and tribal affiliation do. For example, Arabs, Turks, Persians, Kurds and other people groups inhabit the Middle East and, for the most part, follow Islam. Yet, the groups don’t like one another, and Sunni and Shia Muslims have been at war with one another almost since the founding of Islam in the 600’s!

Layered on top of that are various terrorist organizations, many whose leaders are from other, even more radical sects of Islam, such as Wahabism (which is what Osama bin Laden espoused).

Thus, whether because of religious sect or tribal affiliation, they view one another as infidels when belief systems clash, and they have no problem attacking and destroying one another because of it. However, common enemies such as Christians and Jews cause them to unite at times, if only long enough to take aim at the “extreme infidels” before turning their anger back toward one another.

It is a brutal worldview that drives terrorist groups such as ISIS, Al-Qaida and the Taliban. Their hatred and appetite for murder surpass that of other terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and when Jews or Christians are caught in the crosshairs, brutality is the norm. They kidnap, rape, maim and murder women in particular, but will do the same to men who try to protect the women in their lives.

Today in Afghanistan, reports indicate that every father who worked as an interpreter, or in any other capacity with the US military, and who has females at least 12 years of age, must put a large X on their house so the Taliban knows where to go to kidnap, rape and “marry off” young girls to Taliban fighters. Those who do not comply run the risk of their entire family being tortured and murdered right in front of them, then their young girls taken captive. In some cases, Afghan fathers have given guns to their wives and daughters with instructions to use them either on Taliban fighters who come to take them, or on themselves. What agony it must be to be a targeted father in Afghanistan today?

Such is the brutality of the terrorists who were just handed a nation, a fully-outfitted military base, thousands of weapons, hundreds of top-of-the-line military vehicles, and some of America’s most sophisticated drones and aircraft. Today, they strut around the streets of Kabul in American military uniforms, sporting all the tactical gear of America’s finest.

And in so doing, are out to capture, maim and kill Christians and families who served US interests. It is sickening.

Read more about the Taliban’s history of terror and the threat it poses to Christians in Afghanistan:

I hope you will continue to pray for Christians and others who are persecuted in Afghanistan.

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