Biden Administration Cancelled Evacuation Plan in June

The news regarding the botched evacuation of Afghanistan seems to get worse by the minute. Reports have surfaced that Secretary of State Antony Blinken cancelled the Contingency and Crisis Response unit in June, just weeks before the Afghanistan debacle. That unit was established by the Trump administration to “provide swift and safe evacuation of Americans in crisis zones” in response to the disastrous and deadly Benghazi embassy crisis that took the lives of American diplomats during the Obama years.

This news follows Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s admission yesterday that he lacked the capability to get stranded Americans to the Kabul airport in Afghanistan. If the US military is not capable, then those American citizens are left to fend for themselves against terrorists thugs that hate America. Deaths or kidnapping for ransom could result from the poor choices of American leadership.

Find more details, including a copy of the recommendation to discontinue the CCR unit and statements by General Mark Milley, who is equally complicit in the failed evacuation, in this article:

As disheartening as that may be for Americans, we must remember that these things MUST happen! Why? Because the Bible tells us what will occur in the last days! Remember, God is God and there is none like Him! He declares the end from the beginning, and He will accomplish His purpose! (Isaiah 46:8-10) When it comes to end times, the Bible doesn’t have much to say about how nations relate to one another. It’s all about how nations (actually, ethnos…people groups) relate to Israel. Israel is God’s time clock, not the US. In fact, the US must be removed as the world’s most dominant superpower, because in the end, the world will slide into chaos and lawlessness and no one will stand with Israel! America is failing to lead, and we’re seeing exactly the consequences that set the stage for America’s exit from power.

Thus, events of our day should not surprise us! Nor should we be afraid. King Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us and, at the right time (which no one knows), Jesus will rapture us from this sin-cursed world! (John 14:1-3) The US must fall. We will face difficult days….UNTIL the day of His appearing! Let not your heart be troubled!

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