The Days of Noah Through the Lens of Romans 1

Good to see you back, friends!  We are considering the question: Were the 2020 Olympic Games a microcosm of the days of Noah?  Using Matthew 24:37 as an anchor point, we are reminded that the last days will be like the days of Noah.  Using the recently concluded Olympics as a microcosm of society, we have highlighted things happening in our world today that look much like the days of Noah.  (See Were the 2020 Olympics a Microcosm of the Days of Noah? and What were the Days of Noah Like?)

We touched on how vivid references were to gender identity issues, particularly during interviews at the Olympics.   Given the depths of immorality on display both in Tokyo and around the world, Romans 1 proves to be a strong warning of what will occur as a result.  Ironically, just as the Olympics were coming to a close, Pastor Jack Hibbs taught a very powerful message from Romans 1 that hit the nail on the head.  

Most impressive was the approach to the passage and to those to whom the passage refers.  It is critically important how we approach those mired in the travails of sin described in Romans 1.  With that in mind, take some time to soak in this message:

Hey, remember….on our first day in this series I promised to come back to the fact that, despite evil in the world during the days of Noah, God found Noah to be a man of righteousness!  Not all is doom and gloom…either for the Olympics or for the last days!  Join us tomorrow as we examine those who the Lord finds righteous in the midst of a perverse generation!  See you tomorrow!

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