One Iranian’s Testimony: From “Death to Israel” to Believer in Jesus Christ

Here in the western world, we tend to stereotype people according to the culture in which they live. That is likely no more true than with Iranians. Make no mistake, the ruling regime in Iran is evil at best, and demonic in many ways. Yet, most Iranian people are much like us. They want to live in peace, support their families, and be free from tyranny.

In fact, Christianity may be growing more in Iran right now than anywhere else in the world, and in a strict Shi’ite society, that is grounds for death! Imagine living in a country where you could be killed for your faith.

There are literally thousands of testimonies of people to whom Jesus revealed Himself very clearly. Bibles are not commonplace in Iran, but God is gracious enough to allow Jesus to be revealed in unique ways, and some of the testimonies are absolutely astounding.

One for Israel reaches out to both Jews and Arabs with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and their reach is growing more and more widespread and dynamic as they reach into places never before reached. Here is one such testimony that is sure to bless you!

Dear friends, traveling to Israel and actually experiencing situations in which the Gospel is going out to Jews and Arabs alike is life-changing! My spirit is touched in deep ways each time I witness the power of our Lord God at work in the people of Israel…Jews and Arabs alike.

I want to extend a special invitation to you to join us on such a journey! Due to recent cancellations, there are now seats available once again on our October EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR. If you have thought about going, but have just never made it over the hump, may I encourage you to go for it!?! The experience will surely alter your spiritual DNA and you will never be the same! Click the link above, or email us at We are happy to provide information, answer questions, and help you decide if this tour is right for you. Don’t put it off, as deadlines are approaching!

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