Israel Comes to You!

Hi friends! Yesterday we got a glimpse of why every believer should go to Israel if at all possible. It is A Journey of Incomparable Worth, and a person’s spiritual DNA is changed forever. There is absolutely no substitute.

However, if going to Israel is physically or otherwise totally impossible, the next best thing is to bring as much of Israel to you as possible! True, you will never experience the sense of what its like to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, see the places mentioned in the Bible or engage with the people and the culture of Israel. There are certain things that cannot be captured or transmitted any other way than by being there.

But what if you had an opportunity to visit virtually and use 360o video footage to explore the sights? What if you could listen to some of Israel’s best tour guides provide commentary on what you are seeing? What if you could climb inside the minds of those guides and learn the depths of God’s miraculous calling upon Israel?

It would be the closest you could get to being in the land.

Well, I can offer you that opportunity. Israel Tour Leader is a new online training for those interested in leading tours, or for those simply interested in hearing fabulous Israeli guides share their insights into the historic and Biblically significant places in Israel. Because of a unique partnership with an Israeli tour company, I am authorized to provide a 20% discount to anyone who wishes to enroll in this incredible online Israeli guide training site.

If interested, click the button below to learn more. Then, if you choose to enroll, use this discount code to receive 20% off:  ITL20-AGDI001

It is a year’s worth of teaching and instruction from some of Israel’s finest tour guides. It recently launched and I have found it to be very thorough and inclusive of major sights. Live webinars are offered regularly, and are then posted for viewing at your convenience. I love the opportunity to expand my knowledge, and I look forward to sharing many new things on our trip to Israel in October. Meanwhile, I pray you are blessed by this opportunity!

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