Israel: A Journey of Incomparable Worth

If you love the sights and sounds of Israel, long to learn the history and Biblical significance of God’s chosen land, and desire to engage the people and the culture of Israel, you need to go there! “Trip of a lifetime” doesn’t really do it justice, as it is much more profound than that!

Truly, there is something that happens in a person’s spiritual DNA when they journey to the land of Israel! Words cannot adequately convey what that change in DNA is like or what it does to you for the rest of your life. But suffice it to say, not once have I heard a person say they were disappointed in going to Israel, were not impacted tremendously by going, or wish they had not gone. It just never happens. Israel is a land dotted with the fingerprints of God, and protected by the Lord of Heaven’s armies, and what you leave with is much greater than what you came with! Once your spiritual DNA is altered, you will never be the same!

We just had a cancellation on our sold out October tour, so two seats have opened up! It’s not too late to register, but it will be soon. Find out more information on our EXPERIENCE ISARAEL TOURS page or connect with a tour host via email at We are happy to answer questions and provide information.

Meanwhile, to understand the relevance of going there, I invite you to view A Journey of Incomparable Worth:

Can’t physically go to Israel? I’ve got another option for you. Check back tomorrow!

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