Ultimately, What Really Matters in this World?

Hi friends! Are your days sometimes filled with distractions? Like me, do you wake up with great intentions for the day, only to get sidetracked at times by dozens of seemingly “necessary” or “important” things vying for your time and attention. Make no mistake, we do have unplanned necessities and important things that legitimately require our attention, but what is the cost of yielding to things that are not necessary and important?

It begs the question, “What really matters?”

Focusing on what matters most ought to be our primary endeavor, but is it? To that end, we will occasionally use that question to guide our focus to an answer. Today is our first look.

One of the things that matters most in the day and age in which we live is God’s command to live righteously. Yet in today’s world, ungodliness and unrighteousness seem to rule the day. What matters is what God’s Word tells us about ungodliness and unrighteousness, and we find God’s perspective in Romans 1:18-23. One of the best messages on that passage I’ve ever heard was delivered on Sunday, and God’s Word is clear about what matters most. Carve out an hour this week and meditate on what matters most.

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