Awaiting His Return Conference – Ft Worth TX

Hey Texas friends, good news! The September 18 Awaiting His Return Conference in Ft Worth, featuring Amir Tsarfati, Jack Hibbs and others, was sold out in minutes. However, due to large demand, a second conference will be held on Friday, September 17 and registration opens tomorrow morning (June 23, 2021).

Awaiting His Return Conferences are the premier conferences regarding current events and end times. No one knows the day and hour of Christ’s return, but we are living in the season! God is God, and He dictates the length of the season, but as we look around, never in the history of the world have signs of the tribulation been so evident and in alignment…and the rapture happens before that! Jesus could literally return at any time.

If you desire to know how to live at peace amidst a world spinning out of control, and if you wish to understand God’s plan of the end, this is an incredible opportunity! So, if you live in the area, I encourage you to register and attend this 1-day conference.

Registration will fill up quickly, so check out the information here, and prepare to register right away at 11:00 am Texas time (Central) tomorrow.

For those who do not live in the Ft Worth area, you have options as well! There are other Awaiting His Return Conferences and speaking engagements across the country and around the world (including right here in the Phoenix area)! Click here to find out more information.

If those options don’t work for you, many of the events will be streamed or recorded. Check out individual events for information about streaming.

These are great opportunities to hear from some of the world’s best Bible teachers and prophecy experts. Take advantage of the opportunities!

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