All Eyes Off America!

Welcome back, friends! I hope you caught yesterday’s post, All Eyes on God! All Eyes Off America is the sequel and, though this 28-minute teaching can stand on its own, the depth of understanding is much greater as a follow up to yesterday’s teaching.

Why these videos? Because they are succinct teachings, providing incredible guidance and exhortation regarding the times and seasons in which we live. Friends, if we look for America to be the strong tower it has been through the years, we will be badly disappointed. That ship has sailed, and America will likely never be the stalwart of fundamental morality and righteousness ever again, but will likely collapse in it’s own miry mess. In fact, Biblically speaking, America must fall by the wayside as a world power and strong supporter of Israel in order for end times prophecy to be fulfilled. In the end, Israel will stand alone, and the nations of the world will be judged.

However, if we see things clearly through a Biblical lens, that news doesn’t bring sadness and fear. It brings hope and excitement of our Lord’s soon appearing!

So, take a half hour to settle in and be encouraged by this second of two fabulous teachings regarding how we are to navigate the times and seasons in which we live!

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