Mike Evans’ Disgusting Letter to Naftali Bennett: A Disgrace to Christians Everywhere

Mike Evans is the self-proclaimed leader of 77 million Christian followers. That statement alone should give you reason to be concerned, as well as some discerning insight.

However, it was a vile, despicable letter written by Evans to the potentially new Prime Minister of Israel that has Christians around the world denouncing Evans. A long-time friend of Benjamin Netanyahu, and a man who has done much to honor Israel, Evans wrote a scathing, profanity-laced letter to Naftali Bennett, the presumed next Prime Minister, vilifying him for forming a left-wing government with Yair Lapid. A letter like his does nothing to uphold America (he is American), Israel (whom he says he loves) or the church (who he terribly misrepresents).

Most conservative Christians have been favorable toward Benjamin Netanyahu, who did much in his 15 years as Prime Minister to welcome Christians to Israel and to show appreciation for their support. However, the Biblical mandate for us to bless Israel (Genesis 12:3), to be a watchman on the wall (Isaiah 62, Ezekiel 33) and to pray for Israel (Psalm 122) do not change when a new Prime Minister, who we may or may not agree with, comes to power.

As you can tell by this morning’s post, I am no fan of the new Israeli government that may be sworn in this week. However, I take seriously the Bible’s commands regarding how we view and how we treat Israel, and I encourage you to do the same. Likewise, while appreciating good, positive and constructive things he has done for Israel, I whole-heartedly denounce Mike Evans as any sort of respected voice or leader in the Christian community. I was never a follower of his, but he has now gone far and away beyond what is right and righteous in the sight of God.

Here is his letter, verbatim, to Naftali Bennett:

4 thoughts on “Mike Evans’ Disgusting Letter to Naftali Bennett: A Disgrace to Christians Everywhere

  1. John C.

    I had never heard of him before this, but it is clear the last few years that God is separating the sheep from the goats.

    I see no reason to believe this man is a Christian.

    1. Thank you for your comment, John C. Indeed, the last days will be marked with apostasy, though I don’t really see this as a salvation issue. I disagree with what he said and how he said it, and like most evangelicals, detest the letter he wrote. I have never been a fan or follower of his, but who of us, during moments of extreme frustration, have not said or done things we wish we hadn’t? Sadly, it seems like pride also keeps him from necessary repentance and reconciliation. No doubt, his words and actions were wrong, and I pray he comes to his senses and makes right the wrong. Whether or not he is a Christian is between him and God, but I think we should pray for him.

  2. Wow! Not the worst I’ve seen from someone claiming to represent Christ but definitely a time when he should have prayed and considered his wording/approach. Hopefully, more will be like me and think, “Not sure if I’ve ever heard of this guy”. Disgraceful diatribe.

    1. Agreed, Dale Ann. I wish he had given more prayerful thought before he went off. But apparently he has doubled down with subsequent comments. Unfortunately, he is one of the most well known Christian “supporters” of Israel. (His ministry built the high tech Friends of Zion Museum.) Praying Christians as a whole will respond in truth, but with love.

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