Don’t be Deceived…Hamas is Violating Multiple International Laws

Despite the spin main stream media puts on the activity in Gaza, it is important to know the truth! Israel did not initiate the conflict and does not indiscriminately fire weapons. The reality is: Israel uses their weapons to protect their people while Gaza uses their people to protect their weapons and terrorists. Israel has every right and responsibility to protect the nation and her people. Don’t buy into deception spread by the media.

Hamas is also harming the citizens of Gaza:

Finally, here is a video from Sky News providing the truth about what is happening between Israel and Hamas:

Always stand on the side of truth. If Israel, violates Biblical, moral or international principles, they should be called out as well. But they are not. Stand strong with Israel. Speak up about the right of Israel to defend herself. However, please pray for the safety of both Israeli and Palestinian citizens. While Israelis live under the threat of indiscriminately fired rockets from Gaza, Palestinians in Gaza are used as human shields. Both groups of citizens need our prayers.

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