Another Sleepless Night in Israel and Gaza

Friends, unfortunately Israel and Gaza traded another round of missiles last night when Hamas unleashed another salvo of rockets toward an Israeli city. The skies above Ashdod (a border city) looked like a scene from Star Wars overnight, as dozens of rockets were launched from Gaza, but intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome.

My apologies, as I’m not able to embed a video from Telegram. However, you can view the video here.

As a result of ongoing rockets from Gaza, Israel targeted 160 Hamas facilities, including the home of a top ranking Hamas leader, a bank that funds Hamas terrorist activity, and many infrastructures such as tunnels and buildings used for terrorist activities. The mounting devastation in Gaza provides an understanding of just how prevalent the declared terrorist group is. Israel targets only Hamas facilities, infrastructure and buildings.

In a very ironic, though not surprising paradox, the Biden administration has said very little, other than “both sides need to de-escalate,” and now US officials are arriving in Israel to attempt ceasefire negotiations. Suspicions are high in my mind that we will soon see the US attempt to put pressure on Israel to stop the attacks on Gaza. Let’s keep in mind that Israel did not start this conflict, and fires nothing at Gaza unless fired upon themselves. Part of the condition of any negotiations led by the US should include commitments from America that they will reimplement sanctions on Iran and NOT pass along any more money to them in attempts to get them to the bargaining table. It is Iran who supplies and funds terrorist proxies such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and the Houthis, all intent on fulfilling Iran’s mission to wipe Israel off the map! Who in their right mind negotiates with terrorists!

Now, here is the ironic twist: Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah is said to deliver a speech soon. (You can bet it will be from a bunker far, far away!) It is believed Hezbollah is dismayed by the impotency of Iran and its proxies after arming Hamas, ordering them to attack, then leaving them to be destroyed. In essence, the leader of Hezbollah isn’t keen on following in Hamas’ footsteps and getting destroyed by Israeli forces. Where is Iran? They won’t show until they align with Russia and invade from the north, just as Ezekiel 38 predicts!

Irony #2 (and one I am very excited to see): The UAE, a recent peace partner with Israel (Abraham Accords), is warning Hamas that planned infrastructure projects are in danger. More succinctly, “If you keep attacking Israel, we won’t invest in Gaza anymore!” Praise God for that, and let’s pray that all the Abraham Accord signatories, as well as other Arab nations who are favorable to the Accords, rise up in unity against the terrorism perpetuated from Gaza by Iran.

Continue to pray, my friends!

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