How Israel’s Covert Operations Wreck Havoc in Iran

Israel excels in military intelligence and has the boldest and most successful spy agency in the world. While Iran chooses to conduct warfare through terror proxies and an overarching threat of nuclear weapons, Israel fights covertly.

Though Iran has found plenty of success using Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis in proxy warfare, Israel’s Mossad has found tremendous success in eliminating top-ranking Iranian brain trust and sabotaging key nuclear facilities within Persian borders. Those successes drive the ayatollahs crazy! Find out why:

Praise God for the skills the Lord pours into brilliant Israelis. They are literally fighting to protect Israel against the most heinous desires of an evil regime in Tehran, without firing a shot. Of course, that doesn’t mean damage is not done, but it avoids drawing troops into war. Pray for continued favor and safety for those operating within Iran’s borders.

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