The First Fruits Resurrection

Jesus, our Savior and Messiah, is alive! I pray your day has been blessed so far, and that you are blessed by a new message from Amir Tsarfati.

The seven major Jewish feasts serve as God’s calendar to both Jews and Christians if we know how to understand them. The seven, and their significance, are:

  • Passover – Celebrating God’s deliverance of the Jews from Egyptian slavery, and God’s deliverance of us from the slavery of sin, through the sacrifice of Jesus, the perfect Passover Lamb.
  • Feast of Unleavened Bread – Celebrating the cleansing of Jewish homes from all leaven, and God’s cleansing of us by the stripes, bruises and piercing of His body (represented very clearly in matzos, the unleavened bread used in Jewish celebration).
  • Feast of First Fruits – Celebrating God’s grace in bringing the harvest to the Jewish people, and Jesus Himself rising from the dead to become the “first fruits” of a great harvest of souls who will be resurrected when Christ returns.
  • Pentecost – Celebrating the giving of the law to the Jewish people, and celebrating the birth of the church and the giving of the Holy Spirit to us as Christians.
  • Feast of Trumpets – Celebrating the Jewish civil new year, and celebrating the triumphant return of Jesus.
  • Yom Kippur – Commemorating a somber time of repentance for the Jews, while believers in Jesus celebrate with Him in heaven.
  • Feast of Tabernacles – Celebrating the provision God gave the Jewish people as they exited Egyptian slavery, and commemorating the great day of ingathering when redeemed Jews and Gentiles alike will stand together in worship during the Millennial Kingdom.

We know that Jesus has already fulfilled the first 4 feasts, and the last 3 will be fulfilled when Jesus returns, Israel repents, and we all gather for the Feast of Tabernacles.

But today, we focus on First Fruits. It is the end of Passover week, and we commemorate the most impactful event ever to take place on planet earth: Jesus’s resurrection! Enjoy this brand new teaching, recorded very near the Garden Tomb where we believe Jesus was buried and rose again! It is First Fruit Resurrection Day…rejoice!

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