HAPPENING NOW: Israeli Military Strikes Happening Near Damascus

I just saw recorded footage of Israeli missiles launched toward targets just south of Damascus.

Please pray for wisdom for world leaders. It is always sobering to hear of missile strikes anywhere, but especially in and around Damascus, given the prophecy of Isaiah 17:1. Some Bible scholars believe the fall of Damascus could be the spark that lights the fuse of the Ezekiel 38 invasion of Israel.

Scripture doesn’t tell us that is exactly what will happen, and nothing tells us when it will happen. However, it is certainly a logical scenario that could play out some day, and each time there is military action in and around Damascus, it should cause us to consider what God’s Word says will one day take place there.

So, without jumping to conclusions, I simply ask you to pray for wisdom of world leaders, particularly the IDF leadership and those making decisions regarding military action. Israel has every right to defend herself, but the Jewish nation needs the wisdom of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to guide them in very critical decisions.

Will you stop right now and pray? Thank you!

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