3 Non-Negotiables for Christians

Hi friends! We talked this morning about idleness and disorder. One who is idle and disorderly often stirs up trouble in the church. However, those who are actively fighting today’s battles, and those supporting others on the front lines, are living out the life that Paul was teaching about in 1&2 Thessalonians.

Believe me when I say, “Politics is not the end all in our world today.” God did not send politicians to save us from tyranny or to give us life. He sent Jesus for that, and He also gave us the Word of God to know what principles to live by. He called Christians to fight against tyranny and for life! When I look at where we are as a nation, I don’t see it as a political problem…I see it as an opportunity for Christians to stand up and actually live out the life that He promises. If we do that, politics will take care of itself! Our values would stand the test of elections if we (Christians) truly began living as Paul taught in 1&2 Thessalonians! We have the “radical left,” why not become “radical Christians!”

Over the past few months, I have come to appreciate Charlie Kirk, a brilliant young man leading the charge to light the fire under Christians to rise up and take back what is ours by God’s grace. Some, even in the church, are saying, “Religious freedom doesn’t really matter. Our freedom is no different than all the ruinous religions, so if we have freedom, so do they. What’s the point?” The point is: we serve the One True God of heaven who is not satisfied with us being “idle” about things that matter to Him! If our religious freedom goes down the drain, it doesn’t mean we can’t still take a stand. It just means we are more likely to get arrested for doing so! Which would you prefer: fight for our values from this side of prison bars, or fight for them on the other side of prison bars? Religious freedom is worth fighting for!

So, I want to provide a follow up message to the one posted yesterday. (Separation of Church and State) Here is Charlie Kirk explaining the 3 non-negotiables for Christians in our world today. Please take time to see it, and to discover those 3 non-negotiables. You will need them for the fight! Blessings friends!

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