Urgent Prayers and Action Needed as The Equality Act Goes to the Senate

Friends, one of the most evil and dangerous pieces of legislation of all time has passed the US House of Representatives and is headed to the Senate. The Equality Act (bill HR 5 of the 117th Congress) is designed to absolutely destroy the moral fabric of our country. Here are a few of the things the law will do, if passed:

  • Government could place immoral mandates on churches and religious organizations, forcing compliance with mandates regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. Churches and religious organizations could be forced to hire those who do not hold to their values or their mission, and in fact may be totally opposed to them.
  • Employees of any type organization could lose their jobs or be fined for using the wrong pronouns.
  • Men who “identify” as female could enter women’s and girls’ locker rooms and restrooms, not to mention women’s and children’s shelters. Think about this: nothing would prevent perverted men from sharing those spaces with young girls.
  • Men who “identify” as female could participate in women’s sports, destroying virtually all opportunities for biological women, even with world class talent, to succeed.
  • Pastors could be jailed or fined for teaching the truth of God’s Word when it contradicts the immoral ideals of the Equality Act.
  • LGBT teaching and indoctrination could be mandatory in school for very young children.
  • Parents could face charges of child abuse for not allowing a young child to determine the gender in which they want to identify. Even before a naïve young person may legally buy cigarettes and alcohol, they would be able to elect life-altering surgery to permanently change their bodies to match their gender choose.
  • Medical professionals could lose rights of consciousness, forcing them to perform medical procedures against their beliefs.

There is so much more damage this legislation would cause. Yet, the US House of Representatives passed the measure last week, and sent the bill on to the Senate for consideration. If it passes the Senate, there is no doubt our current president will sign it into law.

What can we do?

As often and as loudly as I can, I repeat: Christians must rise up and make our voices heard. There are right ways and wrong ways to do so. Here is a right way:

  • Speak early and often to the One who is sovereign over all! We often leave our greatest weapon unused. Christian brother and sister, will you stop right now and pray for our nation and our leaders, and will you ask the Lord to defend us against this evil? We need His strong hand to stand against it. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12)
  • Secondly, our elected officials need to hear from us. Ours is a government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people, and for far too long WE THE PEOPLE have been content to elect representatives, but never hold them accountable. They represent us, so we must tell them what we stand for and what we don’t! If we continue to fail in our responsibility, they will continue to fail in theirs. Make your position known on issues you care about!

The internet has made it super easy to communicate with elected officials. USA.gov is a 1-stop resource to find contact information for elected officials at every level (even the president). In this particular case, you need to contact your two US Senators. Also, consider contacting the White House to let the president know where you stand. Why not save the link below as a favorite, then use it often to communicate with elected officials.

Two things to know:

  • Send an email or make a phone call, but keep it short and to the point, and be civil. This is no time to preach a sermon. Write down what you want to say and don’t go off-script. In 2-3 sentences, state which bill you are writing/calling about, how you want them to vote, and a very short reason why. That’s it!
  • For every email or call they receive, they know it represents thousands more who do not take the time or effort to communicate with them. Therefore, the more email/calls they receive the stronger our voice becomes!

If you just don’t know what to say/write, here is a sample you may use:

Dear Senator ______, I am calling/writing about the Equality Act and am asking you to vote NO on this dangerous piece of legislation. To put young girls and women in danger, to take away opportunities for girls and women in sport, and to force those who hold conservative values to violate their conscience is just not acceptable. I appreciate your service to our great state and I urgently request that you vote NO on HB 5, The Equality Act.

Please take action this weekend, as the Senate will vote on this bill very soon. Thanks…and blessings!

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