Are Israelis Forgetting Their History?

In perhaps a gigantic understatement, Israel’s history is like no other! Think of it…the Bible is Israel’s history book up through the first century AD, after which the Jews were dispersed for almost 2,000 years. Near the end of that long period of separation from their land, Nazi Germany, under Adolf Hitler, tried to eliminate all European Jews during the Holocaust. 6 million of them succumbed to the evil tyrant. However, just as Isaiah 66:8 prophesied, Israel was reborn in a day…May 14, 1948!

Against all odds, Israel survived, both before and after rebirth. There is no human explanation for Israel’s existence today. It is a land of miracles brought about by the hand of a miraculous God! Israel is safe, secure and prosperous, and is a world leader in technology, medicine, agriculture and military intelligence. Truly God has blessed the nation and the people, and remembering the past helps them not to repeat it.

In modern days, the Jewish people remember well the Holocaust…what led up to it, and how they were unknowingly coerced into believing that, though they were headed for slaughter, somehow the Nazis had their best interest in mind. It wasn’t until after the Holocaust and after WWII that they formulated laws, based on the Nuremberg Code, to protect certain rights, including medical principles of informed consent and privacy. Today, it seems those principles are failing and the Jewish people may once again be heading down a path that leads where they don’t want to go. Only this time, it is not Nazi Germany leading them there.

This has to do with Israel’s policies on vaccines. Let’s be clear: whether or not a person chooses to take the vaccine is their choice, and is neither right nor wrong. This is not a statement of “pro” or “con” vaccines. Rather, the concern is whether or not Israelis are being afforded rights that were brought forth following the most harrowing experience in modern human history. For our purposes here, we’re talking about informed consent and privacy rights. Are Israelis forgetting their history? Let’s hope not, but the attorney in this video makes a case that, perhaps, they are. Take a look and see what you think.

Among the signs of the last days are deception and the attempt by some to gain control of the masses. Today’s common term for that is New World Order. It has swept in like a tsunami in some ways, and is creeping silently in other ways. Understanding the subtle nuances of evil being perpetrated today is a key to understanding the last days and how to live them.

We happen to be studying about the last days, and if you are not following our daily lessons, today is a great time to hop in! We’re studying specifically about the rapture. Check out The Hope of His Coming and Meeting the Lord in the Air, then stick with us each day on this blog as we move into 7 reasons the church will not go through the tribulation! It’s going to be good, so find a new lesson right here each morning! See you tomorrow!

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