Amir Tsarfati and Barry Stagner Answer Questions Regarding the Fall of Damascus, Russia’s Presence in Syria and Much More

Hi friends! If you’re looking for our next 1&2 Thessalonians Bible study portion, take a rest today! Based on feedback, some suggested we allow a day now and then for catch up. Great idea, and the timing is great today, as I have a special blessing for you!

Yesterday’s Q&A session with Amir Tsarfati and Barry Stagner was excellent, as they provided tremendous insight into all the players in Syria, what is likely to happen to Damascus soon, Russia’s possible game plan and much more. It was one of the most informative Q&A’s I’ve heard them do, so it is well worth your time. Enjoy!

Also, come back this afternoon for freshly released news from the recently-completed “Galilee Rose” military exercise in Israel. The IDF is definitely gearing up for a potential showdown with Iran. We’ll be back to our study tomorrow!

Late breaking update: Russia is moving equipment and forces out of the T4 military base occupied by Iran. Are they leaving to allow Israel to take care of business, or are they leaving and allowing Iran’s presence to grow there? Interesting development in light of the info shared during the Q&A video!

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