New Report Out of Israel: Attacks in Southern Syria

Over the past few days, Israeli intelligence has monitored incoming heavy cargo planes inbound to a Syrian/Russian/Iranian joint Air Force base in Syria.

Meanwhile, European sources indicate that discussions are taking place for the US to lift sanctions on Iran to enable negotiations to resume between the two countries. BTW, though Biden has contacted the Palestinians, he has yet to contact the Prime Minister of Israel, America’s greatest ally in the region.

News broke this morning about an ISIS attack on an Iranian militia in Syria. ISIS, who was rendered powerless under the Trump administration, has now quickly re-energized itself and is attacking Shi’ite targets. That attack may sound odd, but keep in mind that Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims have a deep, historic hate toward one another. ISIS is Sunni, Iran is Shi’ite. May they both be successful in attacks of one another! (That is Biblical, as we know Israel’s enemies will turn on one another!)

Finally, literally minutes ago, large explosions in southern Syria were heard in the northern parts of Israel. It is believed the Israeli Air Force was on mission, perhaps targeting some of the heavy cargo loads delivered by Iran to air bases in Syria. Details are scant at this point, but action has definitely ramped up today.

Pray for great wisdom of military leadership in Israel as they determine the best way to protect their nation and their people. Pray, also, for world leaders. The US may be totally abandoning Israel right now as they work toward negotiations with Iran. May God’s wisdom be sought, and may God’s will be done.

Meanwhile, find rest in the Sovereign Lord who still sits on the throne. Despite the turmoil, He promises to stand and defend His chosen land and His chosen people. We can trust Him fully!

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