Charlie Kirk and Jack Hibbs Knocked it Out of the Park!

Hi friends! If you missed Thursday night’s “Happening Now” with Jack Hibbs and Charlie Kirk, you missed an absolute blessing! However, you have fallen upon good fortune because here it is! But first a few words:

  • The election is over and a new president occupies the White House.
  • Those of us who yearned for continuation of an administration favorable to religious freedom, sanctity of life, strong support of Israel, and other Christian values are disheartened by promises made by the new administration to destroy our values.
  • It’s time to get over it and move on!!! We lost that battle, but the war is not over. We can sit and sulk, or even rant and rave like the other side does, but that doesn’t help our cause! It is simply time to redraw battle plans and recommit to engage in the battles ahead.

Yes, that means Christians…and Pastor Jack and Charlie nailed it in this discussion! Carve out 90 minutes this weekend and learn the appropriate response of Christians. Then, let’s man our battle stations! Perhaps we’ll talk more about that here next week, so enjoy the video this weekend, then join us here again next week for more discussion!

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