Time to Ignore False Prophets!

Hi everyone! Throughout history false prophets have dotted the landscape and offered predictions about what is to come. This election season brought out its fair share of prognosticators. Unfortunately, many of them presented themselves as “pastors” and self-proclaimed religious leaders who assured their followers that God had given them a vision or had somehow communicated a miracle to them. They assured their followers that Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, would once again occupy the White House on January 20.

There were even “prophecies” concerning military action that would, at the last minute, rid us of those involved in election fraud and the deep state. Conspiracy theories regarding a military coup abounded.

Well, January 20 has come and gone…and Joe Biden is now officially our 46th president and all was peaceful at the US Capitol. What does that make those who promised a miraculous return of President Trump? False prophets!

Dear friends, it is a great time to say: Be very careful about who you follow online and in person. For those who call themselves pastors or men/women of God, the test is this: Do they rightly interpret and proclaim the Word of God? (Many of them don’t even open the Word of God!) If what they say isn’t backed up in Scripture, don’t follow them!

We live in days the Bible warned us about. Most notably, 2 Peter 2:1-3 and 1 John 4:1-3 advise us to test the spirits to see if they are from God. False prophets will abound still more in the days to come, so it is important to avoid falling into their trap. The best way to discern the difference between truth and false prophets and teachers is to get into the Word of God! Anything that opposes God’s Word is false teaching!

Plug into solid, Bible-teaching churches and Bible studies and learn to discern God’s truth! The Bible is our anchor in difficult times to come.

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