Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…Iran Flexes its Nuclear Muscle

Welcome back friends, and thanks to those of you who joined our journey through Can You Hear Me Now? I hope it was a blessing to you, and I hope you are encouraged by His promises, and by the fact He is coming soon!

Meanwhile, as we were committed to that, events in our world continue to align with God’s Word, which tells us what to expect as we see the day approaching. For example, now that the Trump administration is all but out of the way, Iran is flexing it’s muscle. Just days ago, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, in a show of military force, carried out a large-scale launch of dozens of ballistic missiles and dive-bombing drones. Designed to destroy targets on land and sea up to 1,200 miles away, Iran appears to be signaling their ability to strike Israeli and American assets and targets. (Read more here.)

Meanwhile, have you heard what the Israeli Air Force has been up to lately? Let’s just say they are getting good use of American-made F-16’s and F-35’s!

Over the past few weeks, the IAF has taken care of business in several areas of Syria, targeting everything from strategic administrative buildings to weapons depots to underground tunnels…and everything in between. All targets were Iranian-occupied or Iranian-supported. Here is an article to that effect.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has vowed not to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons or to set up shop right on Israel’s border. With Iran ramping up aggression, and Israel knowing support from the Americans is likely to wane in the coming years, Israel is taking action to destroy every threatening Iranian stronghold they can.

Friends, pray for Israel. The Prime Minister and his advisors, along with military leaders, need wisdom and discernment about when and how to appropriately attack in order to keep Iran and friends from running them over.

Of course we know, Biblically speaking, that Iran will eventually join with Russia, Turkey and others in a strong invasion from the north. (Ezekiel 38-39) When they do, that passage tells us no one will stand with Israel. No one!

Thus, we know that something must render America unable to stand with Israel. But, our Lord Jesus Christ is a jealous God, and He will rise up to stand in Israel’s defense and will defeat her enemies! Here is an interesting thought. Hebrews 8:1 tells us that, following His resurrection and ascension into heaven, Jesus took His seat at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens, signifying that His work of salvation on the cross was completed.

However, when His chosen land and His chosen people are attacked, He will rise up with great fury (Ezekiel 38:18-23) on their behalf! In that day, no one stands with Israel except the Lord!

So, in the midst of their difficult times, God is faithful to His people…and He will be faithful to you in the midst of difficult times as well! Are you standing on His side?

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