Jesus’ Birth: A Tapestry of Prophecy

When our tour groups go to Israel, we always make a stop in or near Bethlehem to look out over the Shepherd’s Fields. It is from that vantage point our mind’s eye fills with the vision of that supernatural night when Christ Jesus was born. There is something very moving about reading the Luke 2 account of Jesus’ birth while overlooking the very area we know the shepherds would have been keeping watch over their sheep.

Scripture tells us the angels came to those lowly shepherds to announce the birth of the Christ child. But is there more to it than we understand in our western mindset? I suggest there is…and it is fascinating.

First, imagine (if you’re able!) being 9 months pregnant and being told you must take a 90-mile donkey ride over treacherous terrain in order to be included among the census. That is only one miraculous aspect of the Christmas account. Yet, every miraculous happening was part of the tapestry of prophecy regarding our Savior’s birth.

This day, as we celebrate Christmas Eve, I offer this fascinating insight and I pray it encourages you that our God is attuned to every single detail of life! There were no “coincidences” in the events surrounding Jesus’ birth. Likewise, there are no “coincidences” in our lives. Rejoice this Christmas season as you contemplate all our Lord has done! Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Jesus’ Birth: A Tapestry of Prophecy

  1. Thank you. That is amazing! I had never heard or read that amazing fact before. I am so thankful He had preserved His Word to show us how faithful He is to All of His story that includes us!

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