President Trump Addresses the Nation Regarding Election Fraud

Regardless of your political views, it is growing more and more difficult to believe the 2020 election was fair and clean. There are just too many statistical impossibilities and gigantic “coincidences” to ignore.

At this point, it is much less about who won the election than it is about fighting for our nation. Of course, I align more closely with the Republican platform of sanctity of life, religious freedom, law and order and standing with Israel than I do with the Democratic platform that is almost the exact opposite in values. However, I stand with President Trump when he says there is an attack on our Constitution and we face the potential death of our Republic. He is fighting for what is right, at the peril of losing the election and his reputation.

If the election was fair and balanced, and Joe Biden won, then Joe Biden should be president. However, if that is such a certainty, why not allow election audits in states believed to have acted in egregious fraud?

Why does this matter, and why focus on it on a blog dedicated to Biblical support of Israel, our Jewish roots and Bible prophecy? Because America is the last stronghold to be torn down in order for globalists to release their evil agenda in full force. That agenda is a precursor to the coming of the Antichrist, and we know the “time of Jacob’s trouble” (tribulation) will bring much tragedy to Israel.

It is coming and no amount of prayer or fighting will keep the tribulation from occurring. However, as Christians, we are to stand strong with Israel to the end. Thus, I am fully on board with the attempt to get to the bottom of what happened in this election. If no fraud is found, then we fought the good fight and lost. If, however, fraud is found, then our obligation as believers, committed to standing for righteousness, will have won a spiritual battle every bit as important as those throughout history.

We must be on our knees in prayer, and we must let our voices be heard. It is time for Christians to don the armor of God and become warriors for righteousness! Let’s make America Godly again!

If you are interested, here is President Trump’s address to the nation, committing his full effort to fighting for our nation. Pray for him and his legal team. The battle being fought is a spiritual one, not a political one!

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