This is a Critical Time to Pray

Hi friends! The integrity, and possibly the survival, of our electoral system is at stake right now. It is no longer about whether or not legal maneuvers will keep Trump in the White House, but about whether or not our entire court system is tainted, and whether or not our Constitutional Republic will cease to exist.

Hearings have taken place in Pennsylvania, and will take place in Arizona on Monday and Michigan on Tuesday. I have now seen a large portion of the hearing in Pennsylvania before state legislators (whose job it is to govern elections), and if the evidence presented is even partially true, fraud has occurred on a scale never before imagined.

However, for whatever reason, courts continue to claim lack of evidence to move forward with any sort of determinative court decisions. I fear our court system is as tainted as the US Justice Department, including the CIA and FBI who have been totally silent in the face of evidence that, at the very least, deserves to be investigated.

So, I’m asking you to pray for hearings that are taking place, and may take place in the near future. Here is what I know at this point:

  • Pennsylvania: main stream media (MSM) outlets are reporting the Federal Appeals Court has blocked the Trump campaign’s request to block certification in that state. That could result in the case going directly to the Supreme Court. However, conservative outlets indicate the PA legislators are prepared to introduce resolutions to appoint electors. If the legislature does their job, they could resolve the issue before it goes to the Supreme Court.
  • Arizona: the Trump legal team is scheduled to meet with Arizona legislators on Monday morning, about the same time the AZ Secretary of State is scheduled to announce certification of the election in our state, though anomalies have been discovered.
    • Action point: click here to find out who your state representatives (2) and state senator (1) are. Their email addresses and phone numbers are found there. Contact them immediately and ask them NOT to certify the election until evidence is presented and decisions made regarding potential fraud in AZ.
  • Michigan: a hearing before the state legislators is scheduled for Tuesday. Again, according to the US Constitution, oversight of elections falls to each state’s legislators. There seems to be uncertainty as to whether Michigan will actually go through with the hearing.
  • Nevada and Georgia: these states have already denied requests for hearings.
  • Wisconsin: details are not yet known, though the Trump legal team has indicated possible hearings.

Believers, this is a call for prayer to a just God who can “move and shake” in ways no legal team can. Pray for righteousness to prevail. Pray for courage of judges to clearly hear evidence and make sound judgments. Pray that our court system is not fully tainted, and that judges will perform their duties according to the Constitution of the United States.

Our electoral process is at stake. Will you please pray steadfastly as these issues are being determined? Also, please let your voice be heard if you live in one of those states. Here are links to do so:

The battle is not over, so exercise your right as a citizen in the state in which you live. Your senators and representatives (or assembly) are there to represent YOUR interests, so let them hear from you loud and clear!

But above all: PRAY! Our God is in control and King Jesus sits on the throne eternally! Ask the God of all justice to bring justice on earth as it is in heaven. Then, we will leave the results to Him!

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