Why did Over One-Third of Pro-Lifers Vote for Biden?

I am well aware of the chaos and impending litigation created by our recent election, and there are many viewpoints. I’m still wondering what is accurate and what isn’t, and am sorting out exactly what my viewpoint is in that regard.

However, based on a well-known, reputible pollster (McLaughlin & Associates) and commissioned by Joel Rosenberg, 34.5% of those who claim to be pro-life voted for the most pro-abortion ticket in history. I don’t have to sort out my viewpoint about that! I just simple ask, “If that is true, how can it be?”

To begin with, it is sad that less than half (48.7%) of Americans consider themselves pro-life. But it is absolutely shocking to me that, of those who do, over 1/3 voted for Biden-Harris. Equally sad, more than half of Catholic voters failed to vote in favor of protecting the lives of the unborn. Indeed, how can that be!?!

See more demographic polling data here, but as Christians, I think we have to honestly ask ourselves some very tough questions. For example, “Does personality matter more than the life of unborn babies?”

However, let’s approach from another troubling angle. President Trump garnered only 79.4% of the evangelical vote, compared to 81% in 2016. That doesn’t sound like much, but consider how razor-thin some of the margins were, and in multiple states that 1.6% difference may be a factor in Trump’s defeat if the election results actually stand. Let’s face it, President Trump certainly did himself no favors by running off his evangelical base as he ran off his mouth.

In this post I don’t want to get into the legal issues at stake and whether or not the election was legitimate. We will learn more about that as time goes on. But the exit poll provides some telling data, as it is not dependent upon whether nefarious things happened to ballots. Responses to the exit poll were given verbally by voters. We know none of those verbal votes were stolen.

Here’s where I’m going with this. Particularly if Biden takes his position in the Oval Office, our country is in deep, deep trouble. Even if the most moral person alive became president, we are seeing only the tip of the iceberg in the rise of anti-Biblical sentiment across our nation, while false teaching and apostasy are rising in American churches. How we view life as Americans is crucial. If life doesn’t matter, then neither do moral values, decency, order, respect…or Israel.

America is on the precipice of tumbling headlong from the Judeo-Christian foundation upon which it was built. Our society today fails to see what our founding fathers understood:

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The Bible must be considered as the great source of all the truth by which  men are to be guided in government as well as in all soc… | Quotes, Noah  webster,

Here’s the question every Christian must ponder: What are we going to do about it?

A constitutional republic (such as that in America) is hard work, and the group that works the hardest will either build up or destroy our republic. As Christians, our battle is uphill. It is far easier to fall into immorality and the evils that are eating away at our country. It is much harder to fight uphill for righteousness such as life, morality, law and order, Israel and other Biblical standards. But fight we must! Status quo by one group means gain for the other. We may soon lose this great republic we call America if we don’t fight for what matters now!

This is all the more urgent, for you know how late it is; time is running out. Wake up, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.

~Romans 13:11 (NLT)

This is important: the fight takes place on our knees, but should be evident in our actions. Is that true of me today? Is it true of you?

PS: Check in tomorrow as we discuss how to navigate this elongated election season.

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