Nations United by Prayer: Let’s Keep it Simple

What happens in America impacts Israel, the Middle East and the world. It is our honor, as followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, to pray.

Iran, Russia, the Palestinians, the Muslim Brotherhood and others with evil intent are all rejoicing at the announcement that Joe Biden has won the American election. That should tell us all we need to know, and should be a huge indicator of the need for prayer.

Today, let’s not get into the legalities of the election. That is for another time and place. But rather, for today, the encouragement is purely Biblical. Please join me this week, united in prayer, straight from God’s Word, for Israel and America:

One thought on “Nations United by Prayer: Let’s Keep it Simple

  1. We need to pray that in these dark times the Lord will give us an open door for the Gospel. God’s will be done . And let’s keep looking up knowing our redemption is near.

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