Victory is Coming!

I am excited today! The long-awaited American elections are tomorrow and we will at least gain relief from the onslaught of political attack ads everywhere we turn. Hopefully there is a clear winner so we don’t have to endure prolonged court battles after the election. What follows the election is anyone’s guess…though many are guessing chaos and riots in cities across America. Hopefully they are wrong.

But, let’s focus on victory! As stated previously, I am confident that Christians have chosen to vote their values, and other Americans have come to their senses in voting for traditional American values. If you have not yet voted, God is not done with you yet! Go to the polls and vote your values! I believe, by God’s grace, America will gain one more reprieve…one more opportunity to turn back to Him and seek righteousness.

Victory. How is it attained? As we know, our ways are not God’s ways, as His ways are much higher than ours. (Isaiah 55:9) He brings about victory in ways we would never think or imagine. Scripture gives us many examples.

Please take 2 minutes to read How Praise is Linked to Victory.

I have spent months in prayer for our country and these elections. I’m spending today and tomorrow in praise for the victory! Will you do likewise?

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