Turkey Rejects Israeli Aid after Major Earthquake

7.0 earthquake in Turkey

While all eyes are on American elections, interesting things continue to occur in the Middle East.

Turkey, once a trusted NATO ally who conducted joint military drills with Israel, has turned completely 180 degrees. Turkish President Erdogan has long yearned to re-establish the old Ottoman Empire in which he would sit as Sultan and satisfy his need for power. In so doing, he has alienated NATO and Israel and has, in essence, bent to the side of Russia (purchasing Russian military equipment).

Nonetheless, after a punishing earthquake struck Turkey a few days ago, Israel (as usual) was quick to offer assistance in recovery efforts. Turkey refused help from the IDF.

Read Turkey Rejects Israel’s Offer to Help with Earthquake Recovery for more details.

I’m reminded of the state of affairs in Turkey. With an economy that has spiraled downward for many months now, and lack of success in taking over oil-rich parts of Syria, Turkey is in dire straights. Meanwhile, Turkey, Russia and Iran are bidding time in hopes of a Biden victory in the US election. Biden has stated, under his administration, the US would re-enter the Iran Nuclear Deal and, minus sanctions, the economies of all three would loosen up. In addition, Biden would have no motivation or ability to keep the three from coalescing power and, perhaps ultimately, forming the coalition Ezekiel 38 describes.

So, despite Israeli efforts to help their neighbors, Turkey is banking on something much bigger. US elections loom large, even in the Middle East.

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