While America Focuses on Elections, Iran Focuses on Destruction

US: Iran Still Top State Terror Sponsor; Global Attacks Down - The Yeshiva  World

As the din of political rhetoric ramps up to deafening levels, all other squeeky issues around the world are drowned out to American ears. As important as this election is, we are wise to maintain appropriate attention to foreign threats, particularly from Iran.

While the Iranian economy is driving citizens into poverty, the Islamic Republic’s regime is purchasing weapons galore, while racing toward major conflict. The US State Department is threatening to close their embassy in Iraq following attacks by Iranian-backed militias. Removal of diplomats often signals impending conflict.

Yesterday, Joel Rosenberg posted exerpts from his interview with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in which they discussed the seriousness of Iran’s threats to both Israel and the US. Check out that interview here:

Iran’s Terror Regime the “Most Terrible Institution in the World”

Now, food for thought…

2 Corinthians 5:20 calls us (believers) “ambassadors for Christ.” Did you know you are an ambassador!?! Think carefully:

  • What does an ambassador do?
  • What happens to ambassadors stationed in a foreign country when serious conflict is expected or breaks out?
  • Do you see comparisons between a nation’s ambassador and an ambassador of God?

Indeed, ambassadors go to foreign countries to represent the interests of the country which sent them out…just as we are representatives of Christ, sent to this “foreign land” in which we reside. (We are citizens of heaven, according to Philippians 3:20, just passing through life on this earth!)

In times of trouble, distress or conflict, the President dispatches the military to escort diplomats in harms way to safety. Likewise, just as ambassadors are called back home in the face of threats life, God the Father will soon call us home by sending His Son to meet us in the air and safely usher us into the presence of the Commander in Chief!

Friends, our Father could send His Son on a mission to rescue His ambassadors at any moment!

Are you ready?

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