Nations United by Prayer: What’s at Stake in this Election?

Happy Lord’s Day to my praying friends! Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for joining the prayer effort between now and election day.

Nations United by Prayer is a prayer initiative to guide us in prayer each Sunday afternoon, at least until the US election. Many Christian leaders are calling for prayer, and this is a tangible way to do so. Pray on your own, or gather a group of friends to pray together.

Today, we’ll focus on what’s at stake in this election. There are things happening behind the scenes in the Trump administration that have incredible impact on Israel. Consider a few of them:

  1. Prime Ministers of Serbia and Muslim-dominated Kosovo recently met with President Trump in the Oval Office to sign a peace deal. These two nations were at odds with one another, so what prompted the peace deal? They need America assistance. But to get it, Trump demanded two things: end religious persecution, and agree to establish relations with Israel.
  2. Malawi and Madagascar (two East African countries) also came calling. Again, President Trump conditioned US aid on those two pillars. The result: each agreed to develop relations with Israel and open missions (eventually embassies) in Jerusalem.
  3. Meanwhile, the leader of Chad’s parliament was recently in Jerusalem for a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu. The result: commitment to open an embassy in Jerusalem.

Do you see a pattern here? To date, the US (North America) and Guatemala (South America) have officially moved embassies to Jerusalem. However, it is an important issue to the Trump administration. Soon, countries from Europe (Kosovo and Serbia) and Africa (Malawi, Madagascar and Chad) will plant embassies in Jerusalem.

Let us not forget the big news of the past couple weeks. The soon-to-be signed peace agreement between the UAE and Israel will take place at the White House this week, and on Friday, the White House announced a peace agreement from Bahrain and Israel! That brings the Middle East into the fold.

“Firsts” are happening, and others will follow…all because of the positions taken by the Trump administration to condition aid and US involvement on cessation of religious persecution, and growing relations with Israel.

Those are Biblical principles, and are diametrically opposed to the Obama administration which advocated and pressed for non-Biblical conditions such as promotion of climate change and LGBT agendas.

So let’s praise God for the causes the Trump administration espouses. Meanwhile, pray for the United States and Israel, nations united by prayer!

Pray for leaders who will:

Thanks for praying, friends! Have a blessed Lord’s Day!

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