Touching Lives in Nazareth and Beyond

For me personally, one of the most exciting things happening in Israel today is the pouring out of the love of Jesus upon Jews, Arabs, Palestinians and other people groups! The Gospel is being shared in both word and deed, and I have written occasionally about an Arab congregation in Nazareth living out Jesus’ commands in service to others.

Today, I want to take you up close and personal. I hope you get a feel for what God is doing through a born-again, Spirit-filled Arab pastor and his congregation who are shining the light of Jesus in the town where Jesus actually grew up! Today, Nazareth is the largest predominately Arab city in Israel, but some say over 25% of the Arabs there are Christians!

Indeed, God is at work in an Arab community, but the reach of Home of Jesus the King Church goes far beyond the Arab community! Believe it or not, these precious brothers and sisters in Christ are ministering to the Jewish population, as well as Arabs and others.

Take a look at this latest update: Touching Lives in the Hometown of Jesus Christ

During out Israel tour in late-February 2021, we will make a stop at Home of Jesus the King Church, where we will visit with Pastor Saleem to hear first-hand about how God is moving in and around Nazareth, and to witness part of that mighty work. It is a highlight on each of our EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOURS, and you are invited to join us! Our 13-day tour will include:

  • Visiting Arab, Palestinian and Messianic Jewish pastors and congregations
  • Meeting Holocaust survivors and hearing their personal accounts
  • Touring major Biblical sites, recent excavations, and Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum
  • Spending time at an IDF outpost and meeting soldiers
  • Experiencing life in cities and factories where Jews and Arabs live and work peacefully side-by-side
  • Celebrating Purim
  • …and much more!

It’s a fully customized tour at a very reasonable price ($3,650) and we take only 30 guests. Israel is beautiful that time of year, and with abundant rain the past 2 years, it will be gorgeous! Check out our 2021 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR page, or contact us for more info:

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