New, Respectable Middle East News Source

For those of us who love Bible prophecy, as well as current events in Israel and the Middle East, it is wise to view news in the world today through the lens of Scripture.

However, have you noticed the growing number of quacks and downright false teachers on the internet? In my opinion, one must be incredibly discerning, and even skeptical at times, of those we find teaching about end times. Eschatology seems to be an area in which solid Bible-believing Christians can be hoodwinked if we are not diligent to put God’s Word above all else.

Thus, I appreciate finding good, trustworthy teachers of God’s Word, and sound, factual sources of Middle East news…both of which are hard to find.

Well, I’m keeping my eye on a recently-launched online news source called All Israel News. It is founded and headed by Joel Rosenberg, a well-informed, well-connected Middle East expert who I have followed for many years. Many of you may be familiar with his best-selling political thrillers. (I have read and recommend them all.)

Rosenberg has the clout to lead evangelical delegations to places such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Jordan and other Arab nations, yet the compassion to help the Jews and Arabs of Israel through his charitable foundation, The Joshua Fund. Through that foundation he also provides opportunities to develop Christian pastors withing the Jewish, Arab and Palestinian communities.

He’s definitely got the credentials, and in my many years following him, I believe he is firmly rooted and grounded in God’s Word.

Along with All Israel News, he has also launched a sister website called All Arab News. The point is to bring fair and factual news from a Christian perspective to both Arabs and non-Arabs. There are cultural differences between Messianic Jewish and Arab Christians, thus Rosenberg has designed two sites to be both informative, but culturally sensitive to their audiences.

CBR recently featured Joel Rosenberg, introducing the new websites. Take a look:

We’ll see how this venture goes, but if these sites remain true to God’s Word, I look for great content from a man and his staff who are very well-connected to the newsmakers and the events of the Middle East. However, as with anyone sharing God’s Word or speaking of events through the lens of Scripture, I encourage you to be a Berean, rightly dividing the Word of God.

Take a few minutes this weekend to browse All Israel News and/or All Arab News and see what you think. Hopefully, we have just gained a new source of reliable news, presented through the lens of Scripture!

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