What is UAE Saying about the Palestinian Authority Now?

As news begins to flow regarding the Israeli-UAE peace deal, the attitude toward the Palestinian Authority is being exposed to the world.

For years, the Palestinians have held Arab countries hostage to their push for statehood within Israeli borders. However, after years and years of pouring money into the Palestinian Authority, only to have them reject every peace deal attempted, moderate Arab countries are fed up.

Make no mistake, the Arabs support the Palestinian cause, but are frustrated with Palestinian Authorities’ lack of leadership. Here are some examples (both from Gatestone Institute) of that:

The reactions also show that for the first time in many years, Arabs have the courage openly to say that they prefer peace with Israel over continuing to support the Palestinians, who cannot get their act together and have chosen to align themselves with Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and the enemies of peace and stability. ….

We did not betray anyone. We have a wise leader who has decided to do what is good for his country, the Palestinians and all Arabs and Muslims. You Palestinians need to get rid of your corrupt leaders.

Likewise, below is an interview with a UAE leader. Check out what he says in the interview about the frustration with the Palestinians.


The Middle East is changing, and many moderate Muslim nations are choosing peace with Israel, even above appeasing the Palestinians. Continue to pray for peace in the Middle East. These are interesting times in which we live!

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