A Word about Elections

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Okay…three words about elections: vote your values!

Rather than focus on politics, let’s focus on Biblical principles and apply them to one of our most cherished privileges in America: voting!

Why bring this up on a blog dedicated to the love of Israel and her Messiah? Because our vote determines what religious freedoms we enjoy, whether or not the unborn are protected, how we define morality, and how our nation treats God’s chosen land (Israel). Obviously, there are other issues at stake, but these are all issues with clear Biblical principle.

Adherence to those principles (or lack thereof) also has everything to do with the stage being set for the tribulation and Jesus’ return to the earth. So stick with me here!

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

~Isaiah 5:20

For those bent on pressing forward evil agendas, how do they get the masses to follow them? First, they repeat lies over and over until people begin to believe it. That is what happened in Nazi Germany, leading up to the Holocaust that murdered over 6 million Jews. Our modern society has been saturated with lies condoning things such as abortion and gross immorality.

Secondly, evil is perpetuated by controlling what and how the media reports the news. For example, demand that the media covers a particular event or person in a certain way. In today’s culture, the media tells us about “peaceful protests” that are most assuredly anything but peaceful. We also have political operatives dictating to the media how certain candidates are to appear in the news.

Need an example of that? Check out this story from The Washington Times: Democratic Party Sets Rules for Criticizing Joe Biden’s VP Pick. It’s downright disgusting, and thank you to The Washington Times (not to be confused with the ultra-liberal Washington Post) for being honest enough to report what’s really going on in the media!

Finally, evil agendas are perpetuated when people are isolated and kept in fear, believing the government has the solution. Yes, to be kept at home, fed a constant stream of how deadly the virus is, and promised that socialism is the answer will cause people to be duped into believing the evil narrative spewing from the far left.

What does the Bible say about the sanctity of life, morality and the appropriate attitude and stance toward Israel?

These, and other Biblical principles, are meant to guide us throughout life…even in elections. Make no mistake, these have become politicized issues! Most of us are not crazy about the political climate these days, but in order to vote our values, we must push aside mere politics and get down to the platform of each party. Take time to find out what each party stands for. While neither is perfect, there is one party that is almost 100% in opposition to Biblical truth and principle.

Plain and simple…to stand that far left politically is to stand in opposition to the Bible’s teaching. To be blunt, for a Christian to vote for parties and candidates who boldly and proudly support the murder of unborn babies is to vote in total opposition to the Christian faith one professes. It is unconscionable.

In Arizona, a good source of information about candidates is the 2020 Arizona Voter’s Guide. Other states have similar guides, so google “[your state] voter guide.” Be discerning, however, as some are partisan and sway far left. Try to find a guide that tells you how candidates in your state have voted on issues that are important to you.

It is difficult to understand how or why a Christian willingly votes anti-Biblical principles. Please vote…and vote your values. Our religious freedom, unborn babies, and national stance with Israel depend on it.

PS: The deadline to register to vote varies by state (Oct 5 in AZ), so if you have not registered to vote, please do so now! It is simple to do, can be done online in most states, and takes only a few minutes. Your vote matters, so please exercise this vital privilege as an American. Click here for more information and to register.

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