Huge Explosion in Beirut Lebanon Moments Ago

Massive explosion rocks Beirut, no casualties reported |

After very strict warnings from Israel to the Lebanese government to control the aggressive acts of Hezbollah, a very large explosion took place at a port in Beirut Lebanon.

It is thought the facility that was destroyed may be a missile factory in which “dumb bombs” are fitted with “smart” technology.

Events in Lebanon are developing…stay tuned, and please pray for protection of Lebanese citizens from the evil of Hezbollah. Pray also for Israel, the US and others who are likely partnering to thwart Iranian-backed Hezbollah. (Update: Neither Israel nor the US had anything to do with the explosion.)

UPDATE: It is unknown at this point what caused the explosion. Officials in Lebanon are attributing the explosions to fireworks that were inside, though the explosion is much greater than that of only fireworks.

Regardless, we do not know if the facility was attacked, or if something else happened. At this point, the explosion is not being attributed to attacks from Israel, despite the strict warnings given to Lebanon regarding Hezbollah.

UPDATE (1:30 pm): Lebanese Health official is warning people that nitrogen oxide levels (resulting from explosion) could be dangerous, and is encouraging full evacuation of Beirut. (Population: 2.2 in metro area) Effects have also reportedly reached Damascus (50 miles away).

This is a very significant event. There were actually two explosions. Here is footage:

UPDATE (2:20 pm): Lebanese Prime Minister says it is unacceptable that 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate were stored in the warehouse that exploded. Hospitals are overwhelmed and roadways are impassable in parts of the city.

Beyond the coronavirus pandemic, Lebanon is also in the midst of a severe economic depression, leaving them without essential utilities such as electricity. Iranian-backed Hezbollah is largely to blame for the economic situation.

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