VP Pence: “Hold Fast to Jesus…and Pray…”

VP Mike Pence at First Baptist Church, Dallas

In the midst of our series on lawlessness, we need some encouragement, don’t we! I’ve got just the thing…

On Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence once again put his faith front and center when he addressed the congregation of First Baptist Church Dallas during its annual “Celebrate Freedom Sunday.”

During his 30-minute address, Pence urged the crowd to hold fast to Jesus and exhorted them to pray through these challenging times. What great words of wisdom from our Vice President!

He also quoted passages of Scripture as encouragement, and shared his personal testimony as a 17-year-old young man of being drawn by the Lord at an event that was almost cancelled.

I’m so grateful that, even in the midst of lawlessness in our country, there are strong believers in Jesus Christ in positions of leadership! God bless Mike Pence!

Please pray for him today. He has been given tremendous responsibility and serves in the shadows of President Trump. May God bless him with incredible wisdom and amazing grace.

I was so blessed to witness the service and I know you will be, too. You will find video of the very patriotic service here. After honoring the US Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Marines, Dr Ben Carson took 8 minutes (in his smooth, calming way, beginning at the 18:00 mark) to encourage Americans not to bury our heritage, but to work as one nation under God!

Mike Pence was introduced at the 47:00 mark where he boldly began, “It is good to be back in church,” then later challenged those of faith to pray! In between, he reminded us that the foundation of America is freedom, and the foundation of freedom is faith! It is the faith of the American people that will see us through these days! At the end of his message he shared his heartfelt testimony that might just bring tears to your eyes! I was encouraged by his words…hope you will tune in and enjoy them too!

PS: To hear how Jesus can come into your life, just as He did into Mike Pence’s life, let the video play for 5 minutes following the VP’s message!

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