Lawlessness: Is This America’s Last Chance?

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Welcome back, friends! We have taken several days to look at current events in light of God’s Word, particularly 2 Thessalonians 2 where Paul describes the mystery of lawlessness that will be very evident before the man of lawlessness (the Antichrist) comes on the scene. If you have not followed along, each title has begun with “Lawlessness,” so scroll back to June 25 to begin catching up. Also, read verses 1-11 of that chapter to get the context of lawlessness we’re studying.

Today, we ask the question, “Is this America’s last chance?” Keep in mind, this question is in the context of lawlessness, which the Bible says will be rampant in the last days. Given what we see in America and around the world, it appears those days are taking shape.

While America and her God-given greatness is not the end all, America has certainly served a grand purpose in His design. By God’s grace, America was founded on Biblical principles. Our government, contrary to modern belief by many, was established on the laws of Moses, and our Judeo-Christian values make democracy possible. A democracy unable to govern itself will fall fast and hard, and after well over two centuries of self-governed democracy, we are now turning toward Socialism and Communism if something is not done immediately. At that point, America as we know it, will cease to exist.

My word of caution for today’s study is this: Please look to Biblical principle FIRST, before turning to politics. Believers, we are nearing the end of a race for eternity, and the writer of Hebrews tells us to run with endurance. We are to lay aside sin (lawlessness), and fix our eyes on Jesus (not politicians!), the Author and Perfecter of our faith! (Hebrews 12:1-2)

We’ll walk a fine line today, so stay with me.

Do you see what is happening in America today? We are drifting so far from Christian values upon which the nation was built, we hardly recognize our heritage any more. We have elected (and appointed) leaders who wish to usher in a globalist/socialist agenda, which looks something like this:

  • “Give us free stuff…and let the government pay!” (entitlement mentality)
  • “What’s ‘right’ to you may not be ‘right’ to me…so leave me alone and let me kill babies, destroy families and set the moral code wherever I want it to be!”
  • “You have your god and I have mine…but you have to approve of mine while I mock and disdain yours.”
  • “No justice, no peace! So, define justice the way I think it should be or I will create chaos!”

…and everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

~Judges 17:6, 21:25

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

~Isaiah 5:20

Lawlessness. That’s where our nation is headed, and no politician nor political party can save America…only the Holy Spirit moving and working in the hearts and minds of believers can do that. HOWEVER, as Americans, our ability to exercise our rights and freedoms (including free speech and religion) will be dramatically impacted by this year’s election.

America is a storm-battered ship on an angry ocean. Half the people on board think they can navigate through the storm by recreating the ship into a different vessel. (ie – turn our great republic into a socialist nation) The other side views the ship as plenty capable, but in need of expert navigation.

Listen up, believers! We have expert navigation! There is a cool example of that in Isaiah 63:11-14! Read it, then describe what God did! Furthermore, take note of what God says in John 16:13:

But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come. 

~John 16:13

Friends, believe it or not, there are strong Christians in every level of government! (Check back later today for a great example of that!) Do you think God will not speak to them and guide them? We simply need to pray in unity with them, and VOTE the right people in! That is our duty!

Presently, the Trump administration has a “finger in the dam,” preventing an absolute deluge of globalist/socialist hogwash to flood America. Christians are the “silent majority,” and there are three important things to consider regarding that:

  • Don’t be silent when there is opportunity to speak out! It’s time for truth, and only Christians have access to the wellspring! Speak out!
  • Not only should we speak outward, but also upward! You have direct access to the Holy Spirit who is able to navigate the ship. Speak to Him…often! Everyone of us can do that!
  • If you insist on being silent, at least “speak” with your vote! Too many Christians say, “I don’t want any part of politics!” That’s fine…but if you want to preserve your freedom of religion, you must vote for it!

This is not a political message…it is a spiritual one! I believe we are in for the spiritual battle of our lives until Jesus comes to take us out of here, and this election season may prove to be America’s last chance! What will we do with it?

Ok gang, I hope there has been plenty of food for thought over the past few days, and I hope this series on lawlessness has given you a glimpse of the world today through the lens of Scripture. We close it out tomorrow with encouraging Biblical principles that I’ve very excited about. Your chair at the table is reserved, so be sure to stop by tomorrow!

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