We’re Returning to Zion…Come Go with Us!

Late last week we focused on the question, “Is it time for the Jewish people to return to Zion (Israel)?” God’s Word tells us He will bring His people home, and indeed, it seems the time is now! Jews are returning to their homeland by the planeload, even during the COVID shutdown. Praise God for that!

But, I want to personally invite you to Zion as well! No, not permanently, but for a time of engaging the culture, loving the people and seeing the sights. The EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR launches February 19, 2021, and is unlike any other tour. Entirely customized, the goal is to interact with Jews, Arabs and Palestinians, while still taking in the sights so important to our Christian faith.

We will visit Biblically significant places such as Capernaum, the Sea of Galilee, Shiloh, the Mount of Olives, the Garden Tomb and many more. Along the way, we will enjoy Messianic worship; meet with Arab, Palestinian and Messianic Jewish pastors; visit Holocaust survivors; engage with IDF soldiers; and witness Jews and Palestinians in the West Bank working peacefully side-by-side. Each visit is impacting!

Our trip last November proved to be more than we could ask or imagine, so we’re doing it again! Limited to only 30 people, our group will be treated to the best tour experience possible. Pastor John Kelley will also be with us to teach on site!

Because we cut out the middle man and the “fluff” while preserving quality of accommodations, the tour is very affordable. If you have a desire to go to Israel, this is a great opportunity! Please visit the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR page to find out how you can save even more off the discounted price of $3,650!

Israel tours are proven to provide special blessings to families and friends who share the experience together. Why not consider gathering friends and family for a life-changing experience?

If you are not able to go, please share this opportunity with others. The tour will fill up, but I would love to see you, your friends and your family on board with us. You will never be the same!

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