Return to Zion: Is it Time? (Part 3)

Welcome to the weekend, dear friends! I hope you have enjoyed Part 1 and Part 2 of Return to Zion. We’re examining God’s Word, taking a look at what we see in the world today, and discovering a bit about God’s plan for the Jewish people. Hang in there for this last one…I think you’ll enjoy it!

What is God’s purpose in drawing His people home? That is a big, broad question with a big, broad answer, but I want to focus on only a key reason or two.

First, He loves them and has never lost His passion for them. Throughout history, despite their rebellion and wandering away from Him, He has never been unfaithful to His chosen ones! He waits patiently for them to return to Him…and the Bible tells us they will!

Secondly, His plan is unfolding, and they must be back in the land in order for Him to fulfill His plan. He desires to save all of Israel (Romans 11:26), though it will be in the midst of Jacob’s trouble (the tribulation) in which that will take place. But He’s setting the stage.

Ultimately, Israel will be saved. Carefully read Zechariah 12:10-12.

  • What is God going to pour out on the house of David (Israel)?
  • What three things will the people do?
  • What will happen in Jerusalem in that day?

They will come to recognize Yeshua (Jesus) as the One whom Isaiah prophesied. Read Isaiah 53:5. What four things did Jesus do for them, and what are the consequences?

Dear study friends, here’s the point: God is calling His people home because He wants to save them! It is time for them to return to Zion!

You’ve seen it before, but Aaron Shust captures this so perfectly in his song, Zion. Contemplate all we have studied these three days, and pray for the salvation of Israel!

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