Return to Zion: Is it Time? (Part 1)

Hi friends! I’m ready to return to Zion (Israel)…how about you? We’re going in February 2021, so check out the details on the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR page.

But that’s really not what I’m thinking of when I ask, “Is it time to return to Zion?” That question is much more significant to the Jewish people than to us Gentiles! So, put your Hebrew glasses on and reconsider the question. Then, let’s go to God’s Word to mine the nuggets of gold found there!

As you know, the Romans ransacked Jerusalem in 70 AD, destroying the Jewish Temple and literally scattering the Jews around the world. Israel fell into the hands of Romans, Muslims, Ottomans and others over the course of the next 1,800+ years. The culture was seemingly destroyed, Jews were separated from their Temple, the Hebrew language died, and the Israelites appeared to assimilate into other cultures.

The veracity of God’s Word was suddenly put to the test. Can we trust God’s Word to be true when it clearly states the Jewish Messiah, Jesus, will return to the Mount of Olives during His Second Coming (Zechariah 14:4), at the invitation of the Jewish people (Matthew 23:39)! If so, how could that possibly happen if the Jewish people are no longer in the very place they are to welcome Him back?

Furthermore, take a moment to read Ezekiel 11:17 and Ezekiel 36:24. What is God’s promise to His chosen people (Jews), according to those verses?

Despite a destroyed culture, no Jewish Temple, a dead language and scattered Jews, God’s people had to come back home! Miraculously, that began to happen in the late-1800’s and dramatically increased after May 14, 1948, when Israel declared independence!

Do you find it fascinating that, after all those years and so many obstacles, the Lord preserved a land for them and brought them home?

When Jews began returning to the land, they found a desolate wasteland. Malaria-infested swamps in parts of the north, sand dunes in the midsection of Israel, and barren desert to the south. Trees had all been cut down and there was nothing but incredibly hard work ahead for those hardy souls who returned. Nothing grew there, so they had to begin working the ground in order to coax what little they could from its soil.

Yet, return they did…just as God’s Word said they would! They worked and worked until, today, the nation flourishes with bountiful harvest and beauty beyond imagination!

Israel isn’t perfect, but it is the homeland of the Jewish people. But the question remains: Is it still time to return? Check back tomorrow when we take a look at what we see today through the lens of God’s Word.

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