What Did the Temple Look Like in Jesus’ Day?

Herod’s Temple, as seen at the Model City of Jerusalem

Have you ever wondered what the temple looked like in Jesus’ day?

Today, when you visit Israel, you see another structure, the Dome of the Rock, built where the temple once stood. Though millions of photos are shot of it, what stands there now is nowhere close to what the people enjoyed and admired in the 1st century.

Herod the Great was an incredible builder, but perhaps his crowning achievement was the Jewish temple. While the picture above (taken at the Israel Museum’s Model City of Jerusalem) gives us a glimpse of what it might have looked like, it hardly does it justice. For example, the temple, which sat atop Mt Moriah, was visible from miles and miles away, partly because of its size, but also because of the gleaming white Jerusalem sandstone and gold trim around the top.

Indeed, it was an opulent place of worship for Jews, as well as others from around the ancient world who wished to come worship God.

Lots of research and modern technology provides a glimpse into how such a tremendous structure was built, and a hint as to its majesty. The City of David Institute for Jerusalem Studies produced a top-quality video with vivid illustrations of the temple. It satisfies the curiosity as well as nourishes the minds of those of us who long to “see” ancient things come to life. Very interesting…enjoy!

As you know, according to Bible prophecy (Matthew 24), the temple was destroyed in 70 AD by the Romans and not one stone remains upon another. Thus, one cannot see the temple today. However, one can ascend Temple Mount and stand in the very courtyards where crowds would have gathered for worship there!

We’ll do that in February 2021, and you are invited! Tour details are found on the EXPERIENCE ISRAEL 2021 page. Check it out…and join on a trip of a lifetime!

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