What You Need to Know about Israel’s Plan to Apply Sovereignty Over Judea and Samaria

Goodbye withdrawal, hello sovereignty: The triumph of the settlers ...
Netanyahu overlooks Judea and Samaria

Things are complicated in the Middle East!

Yes, that understatement is intentional, because the point is that our Western minds scarcely have a clue about why things are done the way they are in Israel and the Middle East.

Soon, Israel will extend national sovereignty over much of Judea and Samaria, known in modern times as the West Bank. For decades there have been arguments as to whose land it is and who should control it. One American administration after another has tried desperately to broker peace deals between Israel and the Palestinians.

All have failed. Why? For the very fact I just stated: things are complicated and there has been a lack of understanding of the truth.

President Trump is the latest to propose a peace plan, and it too will fail. Not so much for lack of understanding, but because the Palestinians have never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. This time, though, much of the Arab world is failing to back them. If they are ever going to have peace, now is the time.

American-educated Israeli journalist Caroline Glick has perhaps the most logical and substantive perspective of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict of all journalists. If you want to better understand the conflict and what’s around the corner as the Israeli’s exercise their sovereignty I recommend the article she just wrote for Newsweek on Sunday. It definitely provides insight. Enjoy!

Israeli Sovereignty, Not Appeasement, is the Key to Lasting Peace

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