Worldwide Evidence of Evil from the UN and WHO

A recent Jerusalem Post article revealed more atrocities at the hands of the United Nations and the World Health Organization, becoming widely known for their One World Order ambitions.

According to the article, aid to regions of northeastern Syria who oppose the Assad regime has been cut off. That aid includes assistance in fighting COVID-19, as well as general necessities such as electricity. Not surprising, it seems to be at the control of Bashar al-Assad and backed by Russia, Iran and Turkey. (Here is the article: UN, WHO Work with Assad to Starve Eastern Syria of Aid During Pandemic)

I recently posted a new study guide called Coronavirus and the Emerging New World Order (on the VISION 2020 page), where some of the shenanigans going on in America were unmasked. However, it is going on in other parts of the world with the same cast of global players.

As believers, there is no need to live in fear. However, it would be wise on our part to discern evil in our world by studying the truth! God’s Word is truth and we need to be in it in order to avoid deception. Do you currently have a time set aside to read, meditate and study God’s Word? If not, why not develop that habit now.

5 - PSALM 119-105 | Seth Hurd | Flickr

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