Dennis Prager: “The Worldwide Lockdown May be the Greatest Mistake in History!”

We are beginning to see only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to damage caused by the worldwide lockdown. Those intent on pushing forward the New World Order are either totally oblivious or heartless when it comes to the less fortunate. According to the UN World Food Program (not exactly a conservative organization), more than 260 million people around the world will face starvation by year’s end. That is double the norm, which in itself, is alarming.

Dennis Prager, a popular nationally syndicated radio talk show host and president of PragerU, shared an opinion piece in the Jewish Journal recently, and is incredibly sobering. Read The Worldwide Lockdown May be the Greatest Mistake in History.

Later today I will post another example of how the powerful not only neglect the most needy, but actually plot against them. We are living in a different world today, and the New World Order is emerging. As believers, there is no reason to fear, but we must be discerning as we navigate the days at hand. Stay tuned…

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