Promised Land Stories – Good Neighbors

Happy Lord’s Day, my friends!

If you haven’t noticed, I have begun posting a different Promised Land Stories video each Sunday. Why these videos, and why Sunday? Good questions…let me explain.

First, I intentionally reserve Sundays for good news! Unless there is breaking news or some other urgent reason to share current events that are not so pleasant, I prefer the Lord’s Day to be a day of worship and/or encouragement to you.

I’m sharing Promised Land Stories because they are done by an Israeli friend of mine who is a great woman of God. Hermana is originally from South Africa, but she has lived and ministered in Israel for many years. She knows the country well and understands the Scriptural significance of the land. God has given her a powerful ministry to Arab and Jewish women, who she hosts for conferences at Magdala, and with whom she disciples all around Israel and even in their home countries or territories.

Today’s video is especially meaningful to me because Hermana shares a bit about the Israeli lookout (overlooking Syria), which was the birthplace of Operation Good Neighbor. That mission included teams of physicians going under cover of darkness deep into Syria during a war to treat wounded citizens. I personally know one of the trauma nurses who entered Syria on one of those missions. It is an absolutely incredible story, and you can find it here.

In today’s video, Hermana also teaches us about the Druze people who are very loyal to Israel and very hospitable. From our trip to Israel last November, one of our favorite memories is an unplanned stop for lunch at a roadside stand to enjoy special Druze fare that we called “Druze burritos!” They were very tasty, but more importantly, introduced us personally to the Druze and their kindness.

So, if you were on that tour, this video will bring back very fond memories. If you were not on that tour, I hope you will go with us in 2021! Meanwhile, enjoy the video!

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