More “New World Order” Evidence as World Leaders Pledge Billions for Vaccine

“I believe 4 May will mark a turning point in our fight against coronavirus because today the world is coming together.”

~EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, BBC online, 5/4/2020

The EU Commissioner is banking (pardon the pun!) on world leaders “coming together” to fulfill their $8 billion pledge in order to “kickstart unprecedented global co-operation.” (See the full BBC article here.)

Are you noticing the globalist agenda (New World Order aka One World Order) is far from hidden these days? The globalists are out in the wide open and blatantly stating their intentions. Their’s is no longer a secret society, as it started out to be, but rather a full-blown effort to condition the world to accept their one world agenda in the name of “defeating the virus.”

We are being bombarded by the stark reality that a tremendous effort is underway to literally brainwash us. If that sounds extreme, consider this.

In October 2019 (remember that date) Event 201 took place in New York City. It was a gathering of globalists who have latched on to the idea of using a pandemic as a tool in which they might begin controlling all of society. 7 points of action were laid out at that event, often having more to do with funding, following through on political commitments and controlling the media than actually preparing. (Dig deep and read between the lines here!)

But wait a second….when did the pandemic break? China got its first glimpse about that time, the world in general didn’t know anything about it until the end of December, and it didn’t impact the US until late-January when it crept ashore. Yet, these people were planning for a pandemic in October!?! Moreover, an organization known as GPMB and others provided reports in September 2019. They had already done research and written reports of a coming pandemic! Hmmmm…they knew it was coming? Some believe they were “gaming out” the scenario.

To be fair, I know scientists and research physicians are doing research all the time in anticipation of what might be next. However, there are some interesting facts about Event 201. For example, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was a major sponsor, board members of GPMB include Anthony Fauci, Chris Elias (President of the Gates Foundation), George Gao (Director General of the China CDC), Dr Victor Dzau and other big name players in the effort to push forward the New World Order with ideas like vaccinating the entire world’s population and chipping people to “track diseases.”

Oh, and by the way…GPMB is actually part of the World Health Organization (WHO) and World Bank! All related to the UN, and certainly not without some black marks when it comes to acting in the best interest of people. My, what a tangled web we weave!

One final point: the agenda seemed to focus much attention on controlling the media. I’ve seen video clips of those meetings where, over and over, they speak about “flooding the media.” Flooding it with what? Their agenda and talking points.

What have we seen? A total flood of “news content” that doesn’t always line up with reality. Example: the COVID-19 death count includes anyone who died WITH the virus, not just those who died FROM the virus. Thus, if a 95-year-old who was on hospice and had only days to live was tested after death and found to be positive, that death is considered a C-19 death. (In AZ we just saw a huge jump in death numbers resulting from officials going back to April to re-classify death certificates! Unbelievable!)

So, what’s the point? At least a couple I can think of:

  • The globalists’ plan is to keep the public in fear by constantly coming up with another horrible sound bite. Don’t expect any good news, as that doesn’t fit the narrative.
  • To determine just how far they can go, globalists seem to be pushing the public to the brink of martial law, inhibiting religious freedom and taking away freedom of speech. (The CEO of YouTube has publicly announced they will remove any content that disagrees or opposes the WHO narrative.)

This appears to be a well-planned, well-executed dress rehearsal for the types of things that will occur when One World Order, One World Government and One World Religion come to fruition. The dress rehearsal is being pulled off in spectacular fashion, and we have likely crossed the point of no return. Life will never be “as it was,” so get used to being told what you can do and when.

I am stirred by the Holy Spirit to say, “Christians, our time here is short. But in the time we have left, to be effective in fulfilling the Great Commission, we must stand up for our constitutional rights now or forevermore be silenced until the Lord returns for us.” Don’t be taken captive by fear! Stand firm, despite the trials.

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