Respected Scientist Reveals What is Really Happening with COVID-19!

Friends, there is an enemy at work! COVID-19 is proving to be a drill that conditions Americans and the world to be okay with rogue vaccines, martial law and other characteristics one would associate with the Antichrist and his rule.

I am NOT saying any specific person is the Antichrist. As Christians, it shouldn’t even matter to us who the Antichrist is because we will be gone when he is revealed! Hallelujah!

But, what we are seeing is the escalation of birth pangs, as Jesus described in Matthew 24.

What you will see in this video is the truth behind the pandemic, and people who are perpetuating the evil scheme. This video has already been taken down from YouTube at least twice that I know of, but thankfully people keep re-posting it. Watch it before it is taken down again…then pray for Dr Mikovits. I’m sure her life is in danger these days.

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